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13th/18th Royal Dragoons

The Royal Dragoons provide the crucial mechanized infantry support to the Royal Hussars, covering their backs and flushing out anti-tank gunners wherever they try to hide. The Dragoons escort the tanks, clearing out ambushes and stopping flanking maneuvers-the tanks may clear the way for the Commonwealth forces, but the Royal Dragoons clear the way for the tanks.

Mounted or unmounted, the Dragoons have a symbiotic relationship with the Hussars. The Dragoons are the worst enemy of the German anti-tank forces. A Dragoon has to keep their head on a swivel and their fingers on the trigger, able to watch every angle and counter any ambush.



Originally raised as a reconnaissance regiment, the 13th/18th Royal Hussars were subsequently re-equipped with American Sherman Duplex Drive, or DD, tanks for the Invasion of Normandy. After a 2-mile voyage through the English channel and the relatively quick clearing of the beaches by the Commonwealth Infantry divisions, the Hussars became the first Allied tanks to lay tracks on Normandy soil. The Hussars subsequently provided the crucial armoured support required by the advancing Infantry and Marine regiments and regrouping with the Airborne to push on Caen and other cities targeted by the Commonwealth forces.

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