"Recruitment Forum Links"

CEF Recruitment Threads from around the world. If you have a CEF Recruitment thread started, please contact TBS_Souter, to add to the list.. 

"CEF Membership"

To all future Recruits. Please contact the commander of the unit you wish to join. Which can be found under the Units tab. From now until D-Day 2015, you should play with any CEF members in your area in as many events as you can.

Please fill out the CEF DataBase, please fill in the form as best as possible, and please include any real world skills in the remarks box. 

"CEF History"

In the beginning, there was OK D-Day and it was good, but the Commonwealth was just a ragtag group of walk-ons on game day morning, with no leadership and no real missions. They weren’t taken very seriously, either. They needed help very desperately.